3 Ways to Recycle This Halloween

halloween candyWhen we think about recycling, we often get wrapped up in newspapers and bottles, old furniture, and clothes donations. But opportunities to revamp and reuse surround us every day. Make your Halloween green by making the most of these 3 ways to recycle this Halloween.

  1. Costumes. Halloween is all about crazy costumes, right? There’s plenty of potential for recycling last year’s spooky garb into an awesome new Halloween costume. Have kids? Swap last year’s costumes for a quick, easy Halloween recycling project. Dressing up for work? Get creative. “Zombie up” old clothes with scissors and paint for an easy update to an old Halloween outfit.
  2. Decorations. In the world of Pinterest and DIY boards, recycled Halloween decorations are easy. Get crafty with a simple Halloween project that uses recyclable materials from around the house. Got a box of old Halloween stuff? Update old décor with a fresh coat of paint, scraps from Halloween costumes, or by simply rearranging where you hang things!
  3. Donations. Why are you wasting space storing old Halloween stuff you’ll never use? If you’ve got boxes of childhood Halloween costumes, spooky home decorations, or themed plates and mugs, pack them up and donate them. Chances are that old tattered veil is just what some Marietta kid needs to complete their corpse bride Halloween costume!

Do you have an attic of junk causing you nightmares this Halloween? Call Mr Junk to haul boxes of old decorations, rickety rocking chairs and coffee tables, broken appliances from your Marietta home.

photo from flickr

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