3 Ways to Simplify Your Move

We all have our own moving experiences. Some of us are planners who only move homes after months – or even years – of research and planning. Others have to move in a matter of days, overwhelmed by a last minute job offer or long term family emergency. Some residents of Roswell have never moved further than a KSU dorm room. But no matter how well you plan your move, it’s always a stressful prospect. Make your move more efficient with Mr Junk’s best moving tips.

Junk Removal Services Atlanta, GAMake a Plan

The first step in moving is finding the time. Packing up a life’s worth of belongings isn’t easy, no matter how long you have to prepare. If you have months to plan, set up a packing schedule to make the move simpler. Start with non-essentials, saving kitchen items, clothing, and cleaning supplies for the last day of packing. If you’re changing locations in a hurry, you’ll probably have some late nights. Enlist the help of family and friends on the weekends, or pay a trusted neighbor to sort your garage while you’re at work.

Make a Budget

Moving can get expensive fast. If you’re covering your own moving costs, it pays to make every penny count.

  • If possible, move between October and April, when moving costs drop about 25%.
  • Move in the middle of the month to further reduce the costs of moving services or truck rentals.
  • Personally protect expensive items with bubble wrap and blankets. Better yet, pack your keepsakes in the family van while movers take care of furniture and boxes.
  • Recycle boxes by asking friends, grocery stores, and retail venues for unused boxes. If you end up buying your cardboard boxes, find a company that will purchase them back after your move.

Say “Goodbye” to Junk

The energy, hassle, and cost of loading and unloading items you no longer need makes moving infinitely more stressful. Sort through your stuff and call Mr Junk to haul away any unwanted items. You’ll save on moving costs (many moving companies charge by weight or truck space), and you won’t have to worry about storing stuff that won’t fit into your new home.

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