Junk for Sale, Just $120,000

Have you ever looked up a beautiful home listing online, only to be turned off by photo after photo of stacked boxes, outdated furniture, and cluttered corners? Many real estate agents spend weeks restaging homes for sale, a process that’s both costly and time consuming. You’re not selling clutter with your real estate, so why show it off? If you’re considering relocating, don’t put your house on the market until you’ve sorted the years of accumulated junk that might scare off potential buyers.

Before Selling Your Home

  • dirty laundry and home clutterRemove clutter. Nothing turns off a buyer faster than cluttered cubbies and overflowing cabinets. Don’t let junk cheapen your home. Before showing your property to the first interested buyer, winnow down the visible items in your home to simple, decorative items.
  • Store necessary stuff. No homebuyer would expect a seller to toss their pots and pans for staging, but that doesn’t mean they want to see them, either. Store your day-to-day items in cabinets, pantries, and closets. Just make sure you organize them first; chances are any interested buyers will root through the cupboards to see how much storage they’ll have.
  • Smooth the edges. Do you have a chipped door you keep meaning to replace? A leaky faucet in the downstairs powder room? How about years of dinged wall paint? Before putting that “for sale” sign in the front yard, do general maintenance around your home and yard. It’s the tiny touches like fresh flowers on the porch that sell a home.

Make the Most of Junk Collecting

Cleaning and staging your home for sale? Take the opportunity to toss junk you won’t want to haul to your new house. Get rid of cumbersome furniture, duplicate kitchen utensils, and the outdated electronics you’ve been storing in your attic.

Moving? Mr Junk can help! Call us and we’ll haul away the stuff you no longer need. Schedule an appointment or call us early for same-day Kennesaw junk removal.

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