Happy Holidays from Mr Junk!

merry christmasWith so many songs about the trappings of Christmas, it’s easy to get wrapped up in stuff and junk. A ’54 convertible (light blue), sleighs and sleigh bells, and brown paper packages inundate the airwaves, reminding us to cross off our holiday shopping lists. While most of us wouldn’t say “no” to a Christmas tree trimmed with decorations from Tiffany’s, we also know the holidays aren’t about presents and draping garland. A few of those artists got their holiday wishes right: all we need for Christmas are the people we love.

Celebrate your family and friends this holiday. Whether you’re staying home for the holidays, inviting guests into your house, or fighting holiday traffic to be with loved ones, the blessings of the season come from those you share it with. People who love you enough to scour shops and websites for the perfect present, just like you did for them. So gather up the kids to pitch in with the cleaning, pick up discarded wrapping paper after each present, and pile the holiday junk in the corner; the mess will still be there when your relatives have gone home.

Mr Junk wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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