A Non-Consumer Christmas

In a world that’s so driven by consumerism, non-material gifts sometime feel, well, less. Less deliberate, less pricey, less jolly. But it’s personalized presents like a donation to your mom’s favorite charity or cleaning the house for your roommate that capture the loving spirit of the holiday season. Instead of giving a gift that will migrate to the re-gifting pile, the junk closet, or the local landfill, share lasting blessings with your loved ones this year. Here are some simple gift ideas for a celebration that goes beyond holiday gimmicks.

The Gift that Keeps Giving

  1. Adopt. Adopt a Highway, Adopt a Rainforest, adopt a puppy from the Kennesaw animal shelter.
  2. Gift for a Cause. Buy a goat for a family across the ocean, donate a bag of seeds to a third-world community, or purchase a quilt from a survivor of human trafficking and donate it to a family in need.
  3. Gift Wrapping. Offer your services wrapping presents for friends, family, and members of your community.

Tried and True

Classes. Does your sister keep talking about that culinary arts class at the community center? Does your dad want to try yoga? Buy a class, a dozen classes, or even a year membership.

Arts. Take your brother to a concert, take your best friend to a new museum exhibit, or take your grandparents to the symphony.

Vacations. Plan a day trip to the North Georgia mountains or a weekend getaway to the beach.

christmas familyThe Best Gift of All

It may be cliché, but there’s no better gift than your time. Treat your parents to lunch, drive across the country to spend the holiday with your friends, or simply slow down and spend the day with your kids. Toy fads come and go, but your loved ones are here year after year.

Call Mr Junk to haul last year’s forgotten presents, and we’ll donate your old baubles, furniture, and electronics to someone who truly needs them.

photo from flickr

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