Clearing the Way for Thanksgiving

junk thanksgivingThanksgiving is a time to celebrate the people in our lives and offer gratitude for the blessings we enjoy every day. Every year Americans dig out family recipes, find festive decorations, and dust off beloved traditions for a day of warmth, community, and delicious food. But with the stress of preparation, making it to the holiday often seems a herculean task. Don’t let the frantic week before Thanksgiving make you forget the gifts you enjoy. Plan your Thanksgiving in advance so you can relish the savory dishes and sweet company you’ve been blessed with this year.

Meal Plan

For a holiday that more or less celebrates food, cooking is one of the biggest stresses of the season. Buy simple dishes for earlier in the week to prevent getting bogged down with excessive cooking. Delegate Thanksgiving breakfast to another member of the family so you can focus on preparing your holiday feast. Organize your pantry so you know what canned goods you’ll need, and buy nonperishable groceries before holiday crowds hit the stores.


Whether you’re hosting a hoard of distant relatives or you’re simply preparing for an overnight visit from mom and dad, cleaning your home for guests can cause a lot of anxiety. In the upcoming weeks declutter one room at a time. Recycle, trash, and organize items as you clean to prevent a pre-Christmas mess of similar proportions. Pay special attention to the kitchen. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, organize a cabinet for the bowls, trays, and baking dishes you’ll need on Thanksgiving. If you simply don’t have the time to get gung-ho about organization, make sure your cookware is clean and easily accessible. Digging through cabinets for cooking utensils will junk up the Thanksgiving cooking schedule, leaving you frustrated and frazzled.

Clean and Clear

Once you’ve cleared the clutter, clean the guest room. Knowing your family has a fresh, clutter-free living space will make tackling other Thanksgiving projects much easier. Lay out basic amenities like towels and fresh soap, and tuck spare toothbrushes, toothpaste, and razors into a drawer for forgetful guests. Hide daily messes like laundry hampers in the closet, and provide a new basket for guests to discard towels and sheets.

To clear away last year’s broken appliances or to help you remove an excess of Thanksgiving clutter, call a professional Kennesaw junk hauling service. Then count your blessings and enjoy the holidays.

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