Overrun By Organization

Self-help books, magazines, and online publications are brimming with organization, decluttering, and cleaning techniques to push you to better everyday living. But no matter how motivated you are about junk removal, home projects often become more overwhelming than effective. Whether you have a house in Marietta, an apartment in downtown Atlanta, or a condo somewhere in between, they key to clearing away clutter is in knowing what not to do.

Make a Checklist

Diving straight into decluttering usually leads to wading through junk until you’re drowning in a sea of stuff. Before you begin, make a list of each room and what you want to accomplish. Divide your piles into keep, trash, and donate. Let no item escape the system, and check off each area once you’ve completed cleaning. The best way to stay motivated is to make tangible progress.

Manage Your Time

Starting a project you don’t have time to finish will undermine your closet cleaning, furniture sorting, or junk organization before you begin. Divide your projects into manageable sections, starting with a room, a cabinet, or even a drawer. Once you’ve finished a project, stop for the day. Gather up your donations for Mr Junk to haul away. If left for later, your trash bags of unwanted items may become Clutter: Round 2.

plastic organizersTry Before You Buy

One of the biggest mistakes in cleaning closets and junk drawers is buying organization products before you begin. Hitting up the storage store may seem like a step forward, but new purchases often exhaust your motivation and end up as additional clutter. Instead of buying trays, hangers, and boxes you might not use, create a list as you organize each area of your home. After you sort each room, make a trip to the organization aisle and buy only what you need. You’ll be far more effective in the long run.

Mr Junk recycles or donates most of the junk we haul. Call us for furniture, appliances, and clutter removal.

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