When Is It Time to Trash Old Furniture?

Furniture is a big investment, and it can be tempting to hold on to it well past its expiration date. Don’t let old furniture clutter up your home; check out these signs that it’s time to throw out your old furniture.

  • It’s torn and dirty beyond repair. No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get your old couch to look clean. Or maybe your cats just wouldn’t stop scratching, and now their scratching post is pristine but your armchair is looking skeletal. While professional cleaning or repair options do exist, at a certain point they become more expensive and time consuming than old furniture is worth.
  • It’s broken. Did you know old mattresses can be bad for your back and joints? Do your body a favor and get a mattress that will offer proper support. You’ll sleep better, suffer fewer indoor allergies, and wake feeling more rested.Eliminate bad odors
  • It stinks. What’s that smell? Hopefully it isn’t your furniture, but if you’ve ruled out everything else, it’s time to look at the most obvious culprit. Large items like mattresses, couches, and over-stuffed armchairs can absorb smells from pets, cooking, and guests, and can grow mold and mildew in places you can’t even see. Once your furniture has developed a noticeable odor, it’s time to call us to remove it.
  • It’s hopelessly dated. That bright orange couch might have seemed like a good idea a just out of college, but your decorating sensibilities have probably changed since then. Don’t force yourself to be satisfied with ugly furniture.

Mr. Junk in Atlanta will carefully and professionally remove any old junk you desire, making space for fresh new furniture to take its place. Request a free quote today!

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