7 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

You’re finally there. After years of talking about your home remodel, you have the budget to make it happen. The first step is finding a good contractor. The next? Er…

Mr Junk has you covered! Whether you’re renovating the kitchen, bathroom, or basement, avoid these home renovation mistakes.

7 Don’ts for Home Renovation

  1. Don’t put it off. You’ve spent so much time dreaming of a gleaming new kitchen that you can’t decide on the right countertops, cabinets, and appliances. But putting off major remodel decisions only costs time, money, and sanity in the end.
  2. Don’t shop for yourself. It seems like a great way to save: buy your own materials and avoid the markup from your contractor. But your work crew generally gets discounted building materials anyway, so you’ll wind up doing more work for the same price.
  3. Don’t dream too big. Yes, you want the perfect home remodel. But some designs won’t work for the structure or style of your home. Be realistic and choose renovations that enhance the beauty of your house instead of working against it.
  4. renovation tools & notebookDon’t forget to plan. You may think a skilled builder knows exactly what you want, but never start a renovation project without a detailed floor plan to make sure you’re on the same page.
  5. Don’t use your whole budget. It’s a fact of life: something always goes wrong. Leave a disaster fund in your renovation budget to take care of life’s unexpected setbacks.
  6. Don’t get in the way. Whether it’s kids and pets underfoot, home junk lying around, or that “just one more question” you’ve been dying to ask, if you distract your renovation crew, they work less efficiently.
  7. Don’t leave a mess. There’s nothing more stressful than finishing a home remodel, only to trip over leftover renovation debris for two months straight. Call Mr. Junk to haul away building materials, scrap, and old fixtures from your home.

Mr. Junk hauls renovation debris from homes in Marietta. Call today and reclaim your home.

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