Time to Clean Out That Empty Nest

For 18 years you’ve dreamed that your kids would get good grades, earn a scholarship, and leave home to further their education. But now they’re well into their second semester of college, and the house feels empty. Empty nesting doesn’t mean simply waving the kids farewell. Take control of your newer, smaller household with these tips for organizing an empty nest.

How to Clean Out an Empty Nest

  1. happy middle aged coupleTake stock of your space. Do you have three empty bedrooms and way too much living space? It may be time to downsize. If your kids still come home for the summers, you may want to simply clean out the extra space and revisit downsizing in a few years.
  2. Make the space useable. Your kids may get annoyed if they come home to find their room converted to a home gym, but you can still make use of the extra space. Add a workspace to the corner of a large room to create a craft area or gift-wrapping station. Move the bed to the corner and convert the room into a home office. When your kids come home, you can simply move the bed back and shift the desk to the corner of the room.
  3. Clean it out. Your college kids may feel nostalgic for their 6th grade comic book collection, but you’re probably sick of tripping over it. Box up items your kids deemed unimportant enough to leave behind. When spring break rolls around, ask them to sort through the boxes. Decide what can hit the curb, what they need at school, and what can sit in the attic until summer.
  4. Call Mr. Junk. We’ll take care of your kids’ old stuff. Let us haul it away for donation or recycling. When we clean out a home, we work quickly, efficiently, and stay until the dust bunny is cleared away.

Ready to reclaim your home? Call Mr. Junk for home downsizing clean outs and empty nest junk removal.

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