Organize Your Garden Shed in 4 Easy Steps

No matter how well you plan and prepare, some areas of your life are bound to get messy: family reunions, fundraiser planning, and the garden shed. We can’t do anything about simplifying church carwashes or school bake sales, but we can help you organize the tool shed. Read on for our favorite tips on keeping work equipment clean, organized, and unlikely to impale anyone.

Garden Shed Organization Tips

Before organizing your garden shed, step back and take stock. Do you have a defined workspace? Did you simply stop tidying up, or do you need better organization? Is anything in the shed a fire (or health) hazard? Toss old chemicals and stains, haul off broken machinery you’ll never fix, and give everything a good scrubbing before reorganizing your tool shed.

  1. Clear a workspace. Whether you use your shed for building, crafting, or just storing the rake, there are always little tasks best done outdoors. If you don’t have a workspace in the shed, build or buy a cheap table for the corner. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did the next time you need to build a birdhouse or repot perennials without making a mess in the kitchen.
  2. A place for everything and everything in its place. Have a jumble of tools and equipment? You’ll never find the right spade in that mess. Designate one wall for construction tools, one wall for gardening implements, and save the third wall for everything but the kitchen sink (preferably stored on shelves).
  3. hanging garden toolsNeed space? Get creative with wall storage. Hanging tool racks are fantastic space savers. Other all-stars? Bike baskets hung on wall brackets, magnetic strips to fix jars of nails in place, and hooks for extension cords and garden hoses.
  4. Keep it clean. There’s nothing more dangerous than tripping around a dusty garden shed with rusty tools around every corner. Guarantee a longer life (and a lot less stress) by keeping the garden shed dusted, the tools clean, and the bags of fertilizer sealed and stored.

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