5 Items to Throw Away (Right Now)

When we talk about junk removal, we spend a lot of time discussing how to organize closets, what to clear out of the storage shed, outdoor disaster restoration, and whole home clean outs. The big items are the hardest to get rid of, and it’s our goal to make the process of junk removal as painless as possible for Woodstock residents. Some small items, however, slip under the radar. Whether your last clean out was a year ago or a week, here are 5 home items you probably forgot to toss.

5 Home Items to Throw Away (Right Away)

  1. Toilet brush. It’s one of those items we don’t think about unless we’re using it, but toilet brushes are full of germs, exposing your bathroom to bacteria. Replace your toilet brush every six months. We recommend burning your old one. (Actually we recommend wrapping it in a biodegradable bag and adding it to the recycle pile).
  2. old running shoesRunning shoes. How old are your sneakers? If you’re not a marathoner, chances are you haven’t bought new ones in the last few years. Experts recommend replacing your running shoes every 300-500 miles to prevent injuries. Mr Junk recommends replacing shoes every 300-500 miles to avoid foul odors and germs.
  3. Pillows. Alright, pillows are more expensive than they have any right to be. But old pillows aren’t just dirty: they disrupt your sleep, cause neck and back pain, and overflow with allergy-inducing dust mites. Replace regularly used pillows every 2 years.
  4. Kitchen equipment. Cutting boards, scratched pans, and tupperware have a lifetime warranty in most people’s kitchens, but they’re all dangerous if they’re old or scratched. Avoid unwanted germs and chemicals in your food by replacing cut chopping boards, nicked pans, and tupperware from before 2010 (the year healthcare reforms began pushing companies to create BPA-free plasticware).
  5. Sponges. Whether they’re bathroom cleaning sponges, kitchen spill sponges, or anything in between, sponges are positively teeming with bacteria. Health experts recommend replacing sponges every week or so. If you’re not willing to add cleaning supplies to your weekly grocery list, microwave your sponges for 30 seconds to kill most of the bacteria.

Have a haul, big or small? Unlike many junk removal companies, Mr Junk charges based on how much truck space you use and has no minimum pickup fee. While we don’t expect you to call us to haul off old sneakers, we’re happy to remove bags of clothes for donation, old chairs from the attic, and all that stuff you don’t know what to do with after cleaning out the junk shed. Make your next home clean out a breeze: call Mr Junk to remove furniture, appliances, electronics, organic debris, and assorted junk.

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