How to Learn from Failed DIY Projects

We all have those DIY projects we like to pretend never happened. Those ones that started out strong, got a little shaky two steps in, and never fully recovered. DIY disasters range from disappointing to dangerous depending on the size of the project and the materials involved. Learn from your do-it-yourself mistakes by remembering these 4 rules of DIY projects.

Lessons from DIY Disasters

  1. Renovation Scrap RemovalPlan ahead. Have you ever miscalculated a cut and been forced to scrap two days of work? Don’t just measure materials once before diving in. Buy all your supplies, watch instructional videos, and check your measurements at least twice before starting your home project.
  2. Play it safe. Most of us have an “it’ll be fine” mentality when it comes to using power tools, but it only takes a second to go from near miss to missing fingers. Always follow proper safety precautions when using power tools and heavy machinery. When digging or planting, research power lines, gas lines, and plumbing in your yard.
  3. Push ahead. More than one DIY project has wound up forgotten in the toolshed because life got busy. If you don’t have time to finish your project in one shot, make sure you have several days during the next week to chip away at it. The longer a home maintenance task goes unattended, the lower the chances it will ever be completed.
  4. Know when to call the professionals. We all have those projects we dove into, 100% sure we could do it as well as a pro, only to shell out twice as much cash when we broke something important. When it comes to electrical issues, load-bearing walls, and other projects you’re not trained to complete, call the professionals.

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