Keeping It Clean: Kids’ Rooms

If you have kids you’re no stranger to the constant struggle to stay organized. While keeping the junk shed tidy seems like a challenge, keeping a kid’s room clean is a herculean task. The minute you find a home for all the odds, ends, and tiny toys in your daughter or son’s bedroom, the kid in question sweeps in to make a mess of things. But whether you have one child or five, there is hope! Keep kids’ rooms clean with these organization tips from Mr Junk.

De-Cluttering Kids Rooms

little boys playing with toysPerhaps the biggest hurdle to a neat child’s bedroom is the sheer amount of stuff kids accumulate. From too-small clothes to new Christmas toys, kids are the ultimate junk collectors. We’re not suggesting that you implement a systematic de-cluttering schedule – although if it works for your family, go for it! – but periodic bagging and donating of kids’ clothes and toys is necessary for a stress-free life. Go ahead and box up old clothes, broken toys, and other items you know your child doesn’t need. If your child will notice the empty spaces in the toy cupboard, involve him in the decision. Does your son have 15 motor cars? Tell him to pick his 5 favorites and send the others to a child in need.

Smart Organization for Kids

Little ones tend to make a mess no matter what you do, but there are a few tricks to get ahead of the curve. Keep kids clothes tidy by:

  • Putting nice clothes in drawers the kids can’t reach
  • Using plastic dividers or small bins to sort socks, underwear, and other small clothing items
  • Consider rolling clothes like shirts and leggings instead of folding them – they’ll be easier to see and easier to keep wrinkle-free

Use All Your Storage Space

Working with a small room? Don’t forget about high shelves in the closet, storage space under the bed, and hanging shoe organizers. Shoe organizers are also great for storing winter hats and gloves, art supplies, and plenty more!

Done packing away years of past messes? You’ve got enough on your plate! Call Mr Junk to haul, donate, and recycle boxes of used clothes, bags of broken toys, and old furniture.

photo from flickr

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