Why You Want to Work with the Little Guy

There’s a reason why Americans celebrate Small Business Week every May. Locally owned businesses have been the backbone of our country’s commerce since its inception. Small businesses are personable, hardworking, and more connected to their customers than the mega corporations that are slowly driving them out of business. So why should you choose a small business for junk removal?

We’re Legit

Mr Junk is a fully-licensed, insured, and environmentally conscious junk removal company in Atlanta. Small businesses almost always leave a smaller carbon footprint than larger corporations. Mr Junk created a policy to always donate or recycle hauled furniture, appliances, and home junk if possible. We have years of experience removing junk and debris quickly and efficiently, giving you the best possible service at the lowest possible price. Our founder, Alex, personally assesses each junk job, analyzing the size, weight, and cleanup time of each collection to determine a fair price for each customer.


Small businesses have a well-earned reputation for being excellent at customer service. Small businesses work one-on-one with their customers, making each business transaction a direct and relational experience. The Mr Junk team goes out of the way to benefit the customer. When you call our North Atlanta junk removal service, you can expect speedy pickup, thorough junk removal, and the Mr Junk small business touch of sweeping up dust and small debris afterwards. Small businesses are more invested in their customers and the community, making them not only a smarter choice, but a more pleasant business experience.

Other Benefits of Working with Small Businesses

  • Small businesses support each other, helping the local business community thrive
  • Unlike larger companies, small businesses form relationships with repeat customers
  • Small businesses offer more unique and personalized services
  • Doing business with locally owned companies circulates more money in the local economy

When you call Mr Junk, you can rest assured that you’re more than a calculation of cost and reward. We provide each of our customers with excellent customer service and unbeatable services, providing a business experience that only a small business can offer.

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