5 Places Everyone Forgets to Clean

junk removal roach dustThink your home is tidy and germ-free? You might want to think again. Here are the 5  most common places people forget to clean.

  1. Home Appliances. We use washing machines, ovens, and other large home appliances almost daily, and yet most Americans forget to clean these common household places. Clean out your washer and dryer, oven, refrigerator, and HVAC unit every few months to prevent germ and dirt build-up. Make sure you clean the crevices between the oven and the counter, beneath the refrigerator, and behind large household appliances.
  2. Bathroom Nooks and Crannies. Most homeowners clean their bathrooms regularly; they’re breeding grounds for germs and hoarders of chemical toxins. Unfortunately, most people focus on toilets and sinks to the exclusion of some of the bathroom’s grimiest places. The next time you clean your bathroom, make sure you disinfect the toilet handle and toilet paper holder, the showerhead and curtain liner, and the lint-loving ceiling exhaust fan.
  3. Shared Electronics. Sure, you might never cough into your hand before handling the remote control, but who’s to vouch for the rest of your family? If you live in a home with a lot of shared spaces, make sure you disinfect household electronics regularly.
  4. Linens and Upholstery. We often think that, as long as we wash our sheets, our home linens are clean. But fabric tends to collect allergens, dirt, and germs from around the house. Vacuum upholstery regularly, wash decorative pillowcases on occasion, and toss clean sheets back in the washer if they haven’t been used in several seasons.
  5. Beneath the Junk. When we let junk pile up in our garages and attics, we don’t always want to know what collects beneath the surface. But junk piles and old boxes are breeding grounds for germs. The next time you have a spare afternoon, reorganize your home storage, making sure to clean thoroughly underneath and around junk. Better yet, take the day to sort through stuff you no longer need, and call Mr Junk to haul away your home’s biggest dust-collectors.

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