Make Home Organization Last

junk in the atticIt’s one thing to set aside a weekend and tackle your toughest clutter, but it’s another matter entirely to stay organized after Mr Junk has hauled your worst messes. Keep junk from piling up in your living spaces with these 5 tips for lasting home organization.

  1. Know yourself. Sure, your new home organization plan may have you rooting through drawers for your car keys, but at least it’s tidy, right? The most crucial element of keeping your home organized is knowing where your clutter tends to accumulate. Keep things simple and accessible to prevent a junk pile-up when you rush out the door.
  2. Keep junk out of sight. No matter how well you arrange a stack of magazines, it’s always going to look cluttered. Find a spare cabinet or inexpensive storage box for coupons and magazines. Buy storage shelves with doors whenever possible.
  3. Stick to a schedule. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, a self-employed entrepreneur, or a professional with a flexible job schedule, it’s hard to stay on track with home organization. Implementing a schedule for the rest of your life—meals, errands, and laundry, to start—will help you find the time for daily housekeeping tasks, too.
  4. Set external motivators. Just can’t stay focused long enough to sort through your donations box? Do you loathe laundry or hate putting away clean dishes? Make an upbeat playlist to help you through unpleasant tasks and reward yourself once you’ve finished.
  5. Get help. Everyone has trouble organizing their own stuff. If you can’t find a system that works, have a friend analyze your home storage. Chances are they’ll see the simple solution you’ve missed. The best part? It’s more fun to clean someone else’s home than your own, and most friends are happy if you treat them to lunch as payment.

Has your home organization uncovered a treasure trove of Marietta home junk? Call Mr Junk to remove old furniture, broken appliances, and boxes for donation.

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