After the Haul

Why do we clean out Canton closets, remove clutter from Kennesaw dorm rooms, or haul junk from Marietta yards? Less stuff means less mess, giving us physical and mental space to refocus on the things that truly matter. We feel neater and cleaner when we’re freed from materialistic concerns like broken furniture piled up in the garage. Mr Junk doesn’t just haul away old appliances and renovation scraps; we remove debris, leaves, and dust, making your home look like the junk was never there. But upkeep is an important part of home overhauls.

Staying Organized

It’s easy to fall back into old organization habits, but you can keep your home clutter-free. After you toss your home junk, take stock of which items you use daily vs which ones you use only occasionally. Keep the items for your daily routine easily accessible, but don’t keep them on easily cluttered counters and shelves. Throw away newspapers, junk mail, and kids’ school papers once a week to prevent junky buildups. Organize home clutter every few weeks to keep your home open and liveable.

The Chemicals in Cleaners

dangerous cleaningThe green living trend is sweeping home cleaner aisles, and it may be time to take note. Chemical cleaners are linked to respiratory problems, skin irritation, and cancer. Many common cleaners contain harmful and even toxic chemicals. Aside from the long-term health hazards, these chemical cleaners often cause headaches, eye irritation, and coughing as you clean your home. To prevent introducing toxic fumes into your home, read labels carefully before you buy cleaning products. DIY cleaning solutions or cleaners with natural ingredients will protect your family from health problems. If you’re not comfortable using “gentle” home cleansers, avoid products with harsh chemicals and fragrances and cleaners whose ingredients are not clearly listed.

Call Mr Junk to remove old furniture, appliances, and clutter from your Kennesaw home. Take care when choosing cleaning solutions for regular home maintenance.

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