Working through Your Work Relocation

No matter how you prepare, office relocation is a stressful endeavor. It interrupts productivity, takes time and energy, and if you’re not careful it can result in the loss of documents and files that may be important down the line. But whether you’re renovating your office, moving toward a promotion, or preparing for a new year working in the Atlanta school system, organization is key to making a successful transition to your new office space.

Sort Your Stuffoffice mess

Start with 3 categories: important, daily, and junk. By eliminating the clutter you’ve been collecting and determining which items are integral to your daily work, you can optimize your moving efficiency and get back to work that much faster. Once you’ve separated the paperwork and office supplies, evaluate your furniture. Is that worn office chair worth moving? Do you need an updated printer? How long have you been holding onto electronics and appliances? If purging is necessary, now is the time.

Organize Your Office

Relocating is the perfect excuse to implement all those office organization tips you’ve been putting off. Make a list for what stays and what goes, then label your boxes according to category. Store pens and scissors in a jar, update your filing system, and create a bin for business that needs immediate attention. A few extra minutes beforehand can help you avoid mountains of trouble in your new office space.

Hire a Professional

When time is money, it’s more cost effective—and less stressful—to hire a qualified professional. Don’t take hours from work to haul discarded junk to the trash.
Research movers for a big relocation and call Mr Junk to make purging your possessions painless. We’ll control your clutter so you can focus on making the transition to your new office as seamless as possible.

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