A Fresh Start for Fall

With school right around the corner, families are probably feeling pretty chaotic. Having a clean, organized home is a huge step to feeling confident and and happy in new routines. Get a fresh start for the new school year with these organization tips!

  • Get Everyone Involved. Don’t try to do it all yourself! Make a list and split up tasks so that everyone participates. When your family completes a room or project, treat yourselves to something fun like a trip for ice cream or to see a movie. school supply organization
  • Handle the Closet. With all the shopping you’ll be doing for new outfits, now is a perfect time to handle overflowing wardrobes. Try on everything, and be brutally honest about it. Doesn’t fit? Doesn’t get worn? Doesn’t meet the dress code? Falling apart? Say goodbye! This is also a great time to swap out parts of the summer wardrobe. While it doesn’t hurt to hang on to some shorts right now, slowly packing away summer clothes in exchange for winter ones will make that project easier later.
  • Declutter. Don’t just get rid of old clothes–look at school supplies, books, DVDs (or even VHS tapes), bathroom supplies, games, last year’s schoolwork, even kitchenware and furniture. Pile up your junk and call Mr. Junk; we can pick up almost anything. Remember, the more junk you get rid of, the more space you’ll have for living!
  • Create Zones. Designate a Backpack Zone for backpacks, lunches, and coats near the door. When kids come in from school, they can dump everything there rather than trailing it through the house. Similarly, set up a Homework Zone for each student, stock with supplies, and keep distractions at bay.

When you’re ready to dump your junk, Mr. Junk in metro Atlanta is your best bet for quick, clean, courteous service. Request your free quote today!


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