Three common causes of bad odors in the house

Eliminate bad odors Is something stinking up your house? Don’t worry, Mr. Junk has got you covered. Take a look at these three common causes of bad odors in the house.

  1. Garbage disposal – Remember the chicken fat you didn’t want, so you cut it off and put it down the garbage disposal? Yep, food could be the source of some pretty awful kitchen stenches. Although, meat may have been boneless, garbage disposals are strong enough to dispose of certain items with just a few seconds of being on. Foods like this are best thrown away to avoid strange smells coming from your sink.
  2. Bathroom sink – The ugly truth is, that horrible smell you get when walking into the guest bathroom that’s barely ever used is, yes-you guessed it, the sewer. A way to avoid this is by running the water in that bathroom every once in awhile (maybe, once a week or so). This smell occurs when all the water has evaporated from the plumbing pipe, it leaves room for gases and fumes to raft through the pipes.
  3. Carpet – If the previous tenant was a smoker, the odor could be embedded in the carpet, air ducts and even the walls. Getting rid of this smell may require a professional carpet cleaning. Also, Pet owners know that accidents happen sometimes, even if you consider your pet to be “potty-trained,” especially if the animal is ill or in a new environment.  Pet urine is another situation that may call for professional carpet cleaners.

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