4 Signs You’re Heading for Hoarding Territory

Most people’s idea of hoarding comes from the media. Who hasn’t seen clips of people with monstrous piles of clutter, filthy homes, or so many animals that their food and waste take over the house? But that isn’t how it starts. Here are 4 signs you’re starting to hoard.

Major Collector

People collect all sorts of things, but hoarders cross the line. It starts with a collection or two, which builds to clutter, then spirals into piles of junk that take over your home. If you’re a hoarder, you might have several collections others would deem trash, but to you it’s all important.

Keeping Unused Itemspaint, scraps, and debris in basement

There is a rule in organizing: if you haven’t used something in the last 6 months, dump it. This is difficult for hoarders, who have a hard time getting rid of stuff and find value in anything they collect. You could be on your way to hoarding if you keep things you don’t need or use, thinking you might use it later or that it’s too precious or important to throw away.

Storage Space

Many hoarders use every inch of their homes as storage. Storing a few things is normal, but when your storage breaks free from closets and begins taking over your home or car, you might have hoarder tendencies.

Social Habits

People that suffer from hoarding are typically antisocial. If you notice you’re breaking relationships with those close to you and becoming increasingly reserved (along with the constant collecting and storing of items), you could be on your way to a problem.

Hoarding is a serious issue. If you want to cut off your hoarding tendencies before they take over your life, call Mr. Junk Roswell junk removal to help you get rid of the things trapping you in a hoarder mindset.

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