Green Up Your Old Car

When it comes to ways to save the environment, many people often think about chucking their current car and purchasing a new hybrid car. That might seem like a good idea at first, but what happens to your current car? Did you know that there are ways to help make your older car more eco-friendly? Here are some great ways to make your car green from your friendly junk removal specialistsLine of old cars

  • Avoid trying to be Steve McQueen. Driving the speed limit saves a lot of gasoline. Not pounding on the accelerator immediately after a stoplight or stop sign will also help keep your mileage steady.
  • Use cruise control to give better gas mileage on the freeway. Setting your cruise control obviously helps maintain your speed, thus keeping you from getting a costly speeding ticket. (However, if you’re driving in a hilly area, turn your cruise control off to avoid high energy surges.)
  • Upgrade your car for better performance by switching to synthetic oils, high-flow air filters and new spark plugs. Some synthetic oils contain energy conserving compounds, and will say so on the label.
  • If you have to upgrade, consider buying a used car. While many newer models do get excellent gas mileage,  purchasing new products typically harms the environment due to the entire production process.
  • While it might be difficult during the sweltering Atlanta summers, try to turn off your A/C and roll down the windows. Air conditioning can drag down your car’s fuel economy by 10 to 20 percent!
  • Keeping your tires inflated increases gas mileage. Purchase a tire pressure gauge and keep it in your car to check the levels periodically.

If you’re due for a car upgrade and need help hauling off your old car or scrap metal and car parts, don’t hesitate to contact Mr Junk. We can provide quick, no-hassle removal of your old car, often within the same day!

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  1. Thanks Mr Junk 🙂 thanks for the tips on saving fuel as well as cost for all of the consumers out there. I’m sure they all are very pleased with the tips. Good work.

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