Mudroom Organization in Time for Back-to-School

For some school’s already started. For others it’s just around the corner. Whether you’re knee-deep in school supplies or staying ahead of the mess, here are a few tips to cleaning out your mudroom and making the fall transition a smooth one.

Clear Out Last Year’s ClutterBackpack

Old junk has a way of accumulating, and kids often cling to last year’s favorites. Toss old supplies and homework and consider replacing larger items, like a backpack that’s been dropped into one mud puddle too many. Ask your children to dispose of one thing for each new school item. If they’re having trouble purging possessions, try setting aside items to discard later. A week out of sight may loosen their grip. Once you’ve determined what will stay and what will go, you can contact your local junk removal company to come pick up the items that they no longer want or have any use for.

Utilize Old Furniture and Storage

Find ways to maximize space and recycle unused storage. Try repurposing an old laundry basket to keep shoes out of the way or emptying out a cupboard to store backpacks. If you have shelves, line them with bins for easy cleaning. For added flair, let your kids customize their bins. Label each nook so they can really have fun with it (and to keep them accountable for staying tidy!).

Everything in Its Place

It’s easy to let junk manage you, but the solution is just as simple: give everything a home. Hang a hook or place a bowl for your keys. Keep shoes on a shelf or out of sight in a closet. Use racks or cupboards to keep backpacks out of your entryway. Give each of your little students a catchall for those odds and ends that may wind up on the floor. And give yourself one, too! The easiest way to discover what you don’t need is to organize the things you do need.

Out with the old, in with the new and organized. Call Mr. Junk to remove your mudroom clutter  and help purge those early morning tripping hazards.