Holiday Junk Removal in Woodstock, Ga

We all know that the festivities surrounding the holiday season can make even the most even-keeled person’s head spin. Between the decorations, the wrapping paper, the parties, the in-laws, and the oh-so-popular egg nog spills on your grandmother’s favorite rug, sometimes the holidays can be equal parts holly jolly goodness and JUNK.

Have no fear, Mr. Junk is here… with holiday CHEER!

No matter what kind of mess your holiday conjures up, know that Mr. Junk can help clear the crud and get you back on track for a great start to another new year. Let us take care of the mess from the holidays while you focus on keeping up with that new year’s resolution. Yes, that means you can’t fall back on the same old resolution to “keep the house clean”. Let’s face it, after about three weeks you toss that one right out the window with the rest of your trash. ┬áLet Mr. Junk worry about your junk removal while you focus in on the REAL resolutions like losing the extra 20 lbs you packed on thanks to Aunt Betty’s famous chocolate pecan pie, or finally getting those darn stumps pulled up out of the back yard (Don’t forget, we’ll clear away your yard debris as well!)

You have enough to worry about during the holidays, managing and hauling away the excess junk shouldn’t be one of them. Give Mr. Junk a call today! There’s no job that we can’t handle… but please, clean up after your reindeer BEFORE we arrive.

photo from flickr: cote

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