Not All Junk Is Man-Made

yard debrisWe were incredibly lucky to have been barely effected by the wrath of hurricane Sandy. Looking at the images and video of her destruction along the east coast it really puts things into perspective and has made many people incredibly thankful for the things we often take advantage of like internet, electricity, running water, and the roof over our heads. We’d like to send our well wishes to all those who were effected by Hurricane Sandy, and all of those who are still struggling in her wake.

The power of Hurricane Sandy also got us thinking about all the literal junk we are forced to deal with due to forces of nature and uncontrollable weather. We’re talking about yard debris. Especially now that fall is in full swing, trees are changing colors, leaves are falling, weak limbs are breaking, and our yards are getting pummeled with nature’s dirty laundry. It’s important, for more than just aesthetic reasons, to keep your yard clear and free from excess debris. Fallen tree limbs can be a danger to you and your family and a nesting ground for far too many unwanted critters. We’ve mentioned the hazards that come when you leave yard debris unattended and they hold truer now more than ever. Call us today to clear out your yard junk!

Photo from flickr: Nieve44/Luz

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