Mr. Junk Furniture Removal

back painWhen it comes to moving furniture in and out of your home, it’s generally not the time it takes or awkward maneuvering that warrants the most complaints. It’s the doctor bill that comes later after dad pulled his back trying to do it on his own. We’ve all been witness to the “tough guy” who tries to do the seemingly-simple job of getting the sofa out the front door. That seemingly-simple job can quickly turn into a LITTERAL pain in the neck! Why not avoid the pain, and the friendly family ridicule that is sure to follow, by calling Mr. Junk to get rid of that old furniture for you!

There are any number of reasons families decide to go OUT with the old and IN with the new when it comes to furniture. General ware and tear, warped wood, destructive pets, or even a change of style are just a few possibilities. Whatever your reason for saying adios to that old couch or recliner, there is absolutely no reason you should put additional stress on your body by trying to remove it on your own. Mr. Junk is Atlanta’s best junk removal company and whether you’re ready to pitch your piece straight into the garbage or donate it to a charity, Mr. Junk will see that it’s handled properly, with zero strain on you!

Why risk the back ache? Let Mr. Junk haul away your unwanted furniture. Call today.

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