Clear The Junk And Clear Your Mind

Ever wonder how “spring cleaning” originally became the ‘thing we do’? For as long as I can remember every year with winter was coming to an end all the grown ups would talk about spring cleaning. Almost as if it were a group effort or mandatory task we were all required to do.  Well, no matter where or when it originated, one thing is as true today as it was when I was a kid. People somehow feel happier, more prepared, and more fulfilled after a healthy dose of spring cleaning. Here’s why.

basement junkAs you look around your house, the chances of you spotting one or two things you really never use and probably don’t even need are fairly high. We silly humans are collectors. We see something we like and if we have the means, we get it. So that four foot mermaid statue that was calling your name at the local arts festival is now taking up a quarter of the living room, and all you really have to say about it is, ‘The man who made it was really nice and gave me a great deal”. When chilly winter weather forces us to spend the majority of our spare time enjoying the warmth of our homes, it’s easy to start looking at all this JUNK we have lying around the house as more of a nuisance than a once “great deal”. So when spring rolls around and we become more active, one of the first things we feel we NEED TO DO is get rid of all our unnecessary junk that does nothing bur remind us of those boring winter nights spent watching I Love Lucy reruns. Eliminating that clutter and and unwanted junk is the perfect way to refresh your home and your mind. But don’t let the label fool you. Junk removal to help clear your mind isn’t limited to the spring! In fact, we recommend doing a little casa clear-out at the start of every season. You’d be surprised how much just you can collect in only a matter of months it’s the perfect way to compliment switching out your seasonal decor while refreshing your mind.

Let Mr. Junk be that final step in achieving junk-free chi. Once you’ve cleared out everything that’s cluttering your home and your mind, give us a call and we’ll haul it away. Mr. Junk is the only junk removal service in Atlanta that has no minimum charge so won’t pay a lot of you have a small amount of stuff. We’ll even offer same-day service to ensure your junk is out of your hair as fast as possible. What are you waiting for? Call Mr. Junk today!

Serving Woodstock, Atlanta, Canton, Roswell, Kennesaw, Marietta, and Acworth, Georgia.

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