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While we are in the business

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of hauling your junk, as we’ve said before, as often as possible, the team of Mr Junk recycles or donates everything possible from our jobs. At Mr Junk, we are far more than just a junk removal company – we’re your neighbors, and part of your community, and we want to do our part to help protect the Earth. In doing so, we feel that it’s important to help educate our community about different ways to recycle, and in the process, learn a few things ourselves.

Recycling Basics 

What can you recycle?

Paper and cardboard, metals, glass and plastics are all accepted for single-stream recycling in our community. Common items are aluminum cans, lids, newspapers, cardboard, magazines, glass food containers, and for plastics, recycle codes 1 through 7. For an even more detailed list of what works and what doesn’t, here’s a great online recycling guide.

What can’t you recycle?

It’s important to keep food waste out of your recycling bin, because it can contaminate and ruin other recyclables. Starting a compost heap can help your garden, and composting is becoming more and more popular.

Special Recycling 

Other items can also be recycled, and by choosing Mr Junk as your junk removal services crew, we know how to dispose of your items in an Earth-friendly way. Household items like batteries, bulbs, and certain electronics can be donated or recycled with our help.

If you’re a resident of Canton, GA or even a neighboring area and are interested in having Mr Junk come take a look at what you can  recycle using our junk removal services in Canton, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Environmental sustainability combined with tailored customer service is all you will receive with Mr Junk!

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