New Uses for Old Things: Recycling Old Tires

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, drivers in the United States generate almost 300 million used tires each year. That’s a lot of old rubber!

Fortunately for you, Mr Junk makes every effort to reuse or recycle old tires whenever we do a pick-up. Whether they’re used in the manufacturing of retread for new tires or the rubber is used in other new products, they don’t end up in a landfill, which is great for the environment. After doing a little research, we’ve discovered that other folks have some great ideas for re-using old tires, too, and here are a few of our favorites (with links to various sources):

Building a raised bed garden – Stack used tires to create raised beds for beautiful flowers. Get your kids involved by painting them bright colors first. Photo of a Tire Swing

Decorative Planters – Using the correct hardware, attach any number of tires to a wall and plant your favorite flowers. The end result looks beautiful and shabby chic!

Plant bed markers – Use tires that are cut in half as path or plant bed markers for a garden. When finished, it has a lovely scalloped effect.

Ye Old Tire Swing – If you’re lucky enough to have a large and sturdy tree in your yard, you can always turn your old tires into a tire swing for children.

Tire Teeter Totter – Using a circular saw, cut a tire in half and add a 3 foot piece of wood and two 2-foot pieces of thick rope for a basic teeter totter. For this option, we came across this blog with a full how-to guide!

Hopefully these ideas will get you inspired to try using old tires in new ways around your home. Whatever you do with your old tires, we hope that you will keep Mr Junk in mind for your junk removal needs in Marietta, GA! And know that if you can’t salvage your old tires, we can be there the same day, at a time that’s easy and convenient for you. Don’t hesitate to give Mr Junk a call for your junk removal needs!

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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