Funky, Junky Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what Mom wouldn’t love a creative masterpiece from her children to show appreciation for all her hard work? Often, a great way to honor Mom on Mother’s Day is with a homemade gift, made with recycled objects or junky household items that just need a new home.

Need a few ideas to get you started? Here are our favorite ideas for Mother’s Day gifts, made out of some of some of our favorite junk!

  • Construct a colorful wind chime out of empty terra cotta pots. Decorate the pots with acrylic craft paint and use strong twine or string to loop them together.
  • Are sunflowers Mom’s favorite? Construct a beautiful bouquet out of empty paper towel rolls. This is a great craft for younger kids! Plus, Mom can actually keep these flowers!
  • Could Mom use a night to herself to relax? Make votive candle holders from empty baby food jars. Kids will love decorating them and Mom will love using them on her nights off!
  • Does Mom have a green thumb? Surprise her with seedlings that were grown from newspaper pots! These biodegradable pots can do directly into the ground, so she can enjoy them right away.
  • Create a great carry-all bag for Mom from plastic grocery bags!

These are just a few ideas for creating beautiful gifts for Mom (or anyone!) out of your household junk without having to worry about calling a recycling company or junk hauling service. However, if you find yourself surrounded by junk you can’t reuse or upcycle, give Mr. Junk in Woodstock, GA a call and we’re happy to help make your home cleaner and safer!

Do you have an idea for a gift made out of recycled objects or household junk? Share with us in a comment below!

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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