Ideas for New Uses for Old Things

Lots of folks are trying to repurpose, reuse and make new uses for old things.

The Internet is a wealth of information and ideas for using household items in new ways. The popular website Pinterest, an virtual pinboard where you can pin items from all over the web, is a great source of inspiration. Many magazines such as HGTV Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens have DIY tutorials for creating everything from new pieces of furniture, decor, organizational items and so on.

Here are a few of our favorite inventive uses for old things –

  • Turning an old golf bag into a gardening caddy. That way, you can bring all your gardening tools with you wherever you need them.
  • Turn an old muffin tin into a gather-all for your garage to collect various washers and screws.
  • Use part of an old garden hose as a bucket grip. Use an exacto knife to cut part of a garden hose to the right length to cover a bucket handle, making it easier to grip when it’s full.   
  • Find a decorative cake plate at a local thrift store and turn it into a place to store mail, keys and other loose items that always end up on your kitchen counters.
  • Lay a rubber rug pad down in the truck of your car to keep groceries and other items from toppling out and rolling around every time you take a turn.
  • Have a seamstress in your family? Use fabric scraps as book covers for hardbacks. This will also give the books on your shelf style and interest.
  • Dryer sheets have a multitude of uses – use them as a drawer sachet, stick them in a gym bag or a car as a quick deodorizer, or sprinkle a few drops of water onto a used dryer sheet to remove stubborn soap scum from a glass shower door.

When you hire Mr. Junk for junk removal services, we recycle or donate everything possible with only true junk going to state-approved landfill sites or transfer stations. We understand the importance of trying to make a positive impact on the environment, and that it’s important to our customers as well. What are your favorite uses for old things? Share with us in a comment below!

Photo courtesy of Flickr.

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