Stop Tripping Over Old Furniture

As Americans, we gather a lot of junk. Some of us still have floor lamps and futons from our college days, while others can’t resist snatching up deals on four different bed frames at local garage sales. Too much furniture can take over the house — and cost you more in storage than you paid for the furniture. Learn when to get rid of furniture with these guidelines.

4 Signs It’s Time to Get Rid of Furniture

  1. There’s no place for it in the house. In this country we have the habit of holding onto things “in case I need it someday.” Which more or less means shelling out money for storage until we decide, years down the line, that we really don’t need that living room set after all. If there’s no place for a piece of furniture in your home, do yourself a favor and haul it away.
  2. torn upholstery on couchIt’s structurally unsound. Does that bench wobble whenever you sit on it? Does the TV cabinet threaten to come crashing down, destroying your flatscreen? If a piece of furniture is structurally unsound, get rid of it ASAP.
  3. It doesn’t have history. So you have too much furniture, and no way to sort through what goes and what stays. Here’s an easy question: Where did it come from? Chances are your kids would rather inherit a dining set that came from their grandmother than one their parents found in a furniture warehouse.
  4. It’s a DIY failure. We start DIYs with the best of intentions, but most of us have trouble letting go. If your furniture renewal went awry, don’t leave it half-done in the garage, promising to “fix it someday.” Call Mr. Junk and get your clean, DIY workspace back.

Mr. Junk hauls furniture from homes in Roswell. We charge by the truckspace, with no minimum pickup fee. Call and schedule your furniture removal today.

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When Bad Weather Comes to Call

When you live in Alpharetta, you can never count on the weather. Folks near metro Atlanta may enjoy sunny, 75 degree days in late January and tornado warnings in February. Your home may undergo unexpected ice storms one day and torrential downpours the next. But the one thing you can count on is Mr. Junk storm clean up.

Alpharetta Storm Clean Up

Whether you have downed branches littering the yard or broken furniture strewn across the porch, Mr. Junk is here to clean up your yard and home after a storm. Has the windy weather strewn shingles across the playset in the backyard? Did your renovation project break up and scatter across the pool? Don’t spend hours doing backbreaking clean up of organic debris. Call Mr. Junk to remove the mess so you can get started on home restoration. We’ll stay to pick up every stray twig, giving you the satisfaction of a home and yard that’s up to your pre-storm standards.

Disaster Preparation

Want to be proactive against the next late winter storm? Prevent a disaster by trimming back dangerous branches and removing hazardous furniture. Call Mr. Junk to haul away rotted tree limbs, unwieldy branches, and old furniture before they crash into the kitchen window. Keeping debris off of you property is the best way to prevent accidents in the future.

Mr. Junk offers complete storm clean up and disaster restoration services in Alpharetta. Call to schedule your preemptive cleanup or storm debris removal today.

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Time to Clean Out That Empty Nest

For 18 years you’ve dreamed that your kids would get good grades, earn a scholarship, and leave home to further their education. But now they’re well into their second semester of college, and the house feels empty. Empty nesting doesn’t mean simply waving the kids farewell. Take control of your newer, smaller household with these tips for organizing an empty nest.

How to Clean Out an Empty Nest

  1. happy middle aged coupleTake stock of your space. Do you have three empty bedrooms and way too much living space? It may be time to downsize. If your kids still come home for the summers, you may want to simply clean out the extra space and revisit downsizing in a few years.
  2. Make the space useable. Your kids may get annoyed if they come home to find their room converted to a home gym, but you can still make use of the extra space. Add a workspace to the corner of a large room to create a craft area or gift-wrapping station. Move the bed to the corner and convert the room into a home office. When your kids come home, you can simply move the bed back and shift the desk to the corner of the room.
  3. Clean it out. Your college kids may feel nostalgic for their 6th grade comic book collection, but you’re probably sick of tripping over it. Box up items your kids deemed unimportant enough to leave behind. When spring break rolls around, ask them to sort through the boxes. Decide what can hit the curb, what they need at school, and what can sit in the attic until summer.
  4. Call Mr. Junk. We’ll take care of your kids’ old stuff. Let us haul it away for donation or recycling. When we clean out a home, we work quickly, efficiently, and stay until the dust bunny is cleared away.

Ready to reclaim your home? Call Mr. Junk for home downsizing clean outs and empty nest junk removal.

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Make the Most of Pre-Spring Cleaning

With the weather getting warmer and not an icicle in sight, it’s hard to believe that it’s only February. Many folks in Alpharetta have spring fever, leading an early onset of spring cleaning. But just because spring is set on arriving early doesn’t mean folks should ignore their winter checklists. Before tackling dusty curtains and grimy baseboards, take care of your winter yard clean out.

February Yard Clean Out Checklist

It’s easy to get complacent about winter’s leftovers; but take a step back, and you’ll see a whole lot of brown, dead, and dying. It may be tempting to wait “just a little longer” before diving into yard work, but tackling the mess now will save you a lot of stress (and sunburn) come April. Dust off your winter curb appeal and prepare the way for spring planting.

Organic Yard Clean Up

fallen treeReady for your yard to look great again? The first step is removing organic debris. This means bagging any leaves lingering in your flower beds, digging up shrubs that are dead (or simply unsightly), and hauling away tree limbs that have been downed due to winter storms or January pruning. If you don’t have the time, energy, or willpower to do it yourself, call in Mr. Junk. We’ll make those heavy tree branches disappear in a matter of hours.

Outdoor Junk Clean Out

Do you have old plastic lawn chairs that are more gray than white? Has your elegant outdoor table rusted since you proudly placed it by the pool ten years ago? Do tools from your tool shed spill out into the grass, wasting away as silent tripping hazards? Mr. Junk doesn’t only haul away leaves and branches. Call our Alpharetta junk removal service to remove outdoor furniture, tools, grills, and anything else that has overstayed its welcome.

Need help with your February yard clean up? Mr. Junk is the only junk removal company in Alpharetta that has no minimum pickup fee, speedy same-day service, and a dedication to cleaning up every last leaf. Call our yard clean up service today.

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Close the Door on That Foreclosure

foreclosureAny realtor who works with bank foreclosures knows the pressure that comes from selling these homes. Although banks may acquire homes to compensate for debts, foreclosures are not profitable assets. Most banks want to sell foreclosed homes as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, most evicted homeowners have little interest in getting the property sale-ready before they go. What’s a realtor to do?

Hire a Foreclosure Clean Out Service

Banks are under no obligation to repair or update a foreclosure before selling it. However, most make the effort to clean away furniture, appliances, and leftover junk the previous homeowner abandoned. Some banks may hire a foreclosure clean out service to prep the home for an open house, but many leave home staging up to the realtor. Save time, money, and effort by hiring a professional home clean out service to clear the way for potential buyers.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Foreclosure Clean Outs

  1. Save time. The old adage “time is money” is particularly true for realtors. When your paycheck depends on finding and showing homes, you always need more hours in the day. Don’t waste a week getting a foreclosure ready for clients. Call Mr. Junk to remove old furniture, appliances, and junk the last homeowner left behind.
  2. Save money. It may seem counterintuitive, but when you tally the costs of packing, hauling, and recycling a house-worth of stuff, it’s often more cost effective to hire a professional junk removal service. Factor in the lost revenue from wasted time, and it’s a no brainer.
  3. Save effort. Realtors are an ingenuitive bunch, but their creativity is put to better use staging homes than finding the best donations facility for a moving truck full of abandoned furniture. Focus on the bottom line, not the details that slow you down.

Are you in the market for a good junk removal service? Mr. Junk is fast, efficient, and affordable. Unlike many junk removal companies, we take the time to clean up once the junk is gone. That means picking up nails, sweeping up dirt, and cleaning out cabinets before the job is done. Call Mr. Junk for your foreclosure clean out.

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5 Steps to an Organized Basement

Basement organization is one of those things we all like to pretend doesn’t exist. If we hear a friend say they’re heading to the basement and they return in less than thirty minutes, we attribute it to some kind of home magic. Basements are for junk collecting, right? Messy, disorganized, tear-your-hair-out piles of junk.

Er, we’re going with no.

It’s time to bite the bullet and organize your basement. Get it done (without losing your hair) in 5 easy steps.

5 Steps to Basement Organization

  1. family cleaning + choresBring in the reserves. Yes, you will spend an entire day organizing. No, it doesn’t have to be time miserably spent. Asking friends and family members to help out isn’t just efficient, it makes time go faster, too.
  2. Make a system. We know you’ve been putting off basement organization because you don’t want to admit how much useless stuff you have. It’s okay. We don’t judge. Create piles to keep, haul, and reconsider later. Get the haul pile out of the space first, so you have more room to work. Set aside the later pile to reconsider 24 hours later (it’s amazing how sleeping on it can help people let go of old stuff). Then get down to organizing the items that are left.
  3. Shelf it. If it’s important enough to keep, it’s important enough to store properly. Install shelves to keep items in the basement off the floor. This protects your stuff from flooding, mildew, and (Lord forbid) bugs or rats. Metal shelving is inexpensive, easy to assemble, and able to withstand the humidity of metro Atlanta.
  4. Organize. This means plastic bins (they hold up better than cardboard boxes), labels (no, you won’t remember your organizational system 5 years down the line), and wall hooks (there’s really no better way to store sports equipment).
  5. Step back, relax, and feel the power of a clean basement. Invite your mom over or send your best friend a pic. You’ve earned those bragging rights fair and square.

Ready to get rid of old furniture, boxes of clutter, and other junk found lurking in your basement. Call Mr. Junk to haul away the detritus from your basement clean out.

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Top Junk Removal Jobs

spring landscaping debris removalAt Mr. Junk, we’re no strangers to getting our hands dirty. Our team has years of practice hauling the strangest stuff, from giant safes and rotting hot tubs to clothes on the fence after a tenant was evicted. No job is too big, small, or difficult to handle for our professional Alpharetta junk haulers. Here are a few of our messiest jobs over the years.

Cleaning Up After Tenants: Not only did these renters leave behind clothes and furniture, they left a fridge full of food in the driveway! Instead of wasting a weekend hauling it away, the landlord called Mr. Junk and had the problem solved in a jiffy.

Whole Home Clean-Out: When we say, “no job too big,” we say it from experience. This week-long job last year meant cleaning out an entire house and yard. Luckily the Mr. Junk team was up to the task.

Tree Trimming and Yard Debris: Whether you’re dealing with debris after a storm or a tree service with no clean up, Mr. Junk excels at cleaning up yard debris. Give us a call to remove shrubs, tree branches, or old lawn furniture.

Garage Clean-Out: Sometimes a mess is more than a mess. When a concerned customer called, we jumped in the truck to take care of a rat infestation caused by piled up junk. No more debris, no more places to hide.

It’s a Dirty Job: Mr. Junk is the only junk removal service that pays attention to the smallest details. We don’t just haul unwanted items; we also stay to clean up afterwards. This job had cabinets full of roach dust from a resident who could no longer care for such a big house. We removed old furniture and appliances, then swept away the leftover messes from years of accumulated dirt.

Need a hand hauling old junk? We offer same-day junk removal for most projects. If you need help cleaning up the home, yard, or office, call Mr. Junk for fast, dependable, customer-oriented service.

Show Off that Front Curb!

Curb appeal does more than give homeowners pride in a job well done. Curb appeal helps homeowners make friends with the neighbors, sell their homes faster, and even boost property value by up to 10%.

At Mr. Junk, we’re happy to help homeowners haul their unwanted junk from the home and yard. We’ll haul away old basketball hoops, and even small debris from bigger junk items, like paperclips spilled from an old desk drawer. And unlike most junk removal companies, we even stay to sweep up afterwards! See for yourself how junk removal can transform your home.

junk in the yardPost Junk Haul

Messy Curb After the Haul

Have a big haul job, but don’t want to get your hands dirty? Call in the professionals! Mr. Junk offers same-day junk removal and no minimum pickup charge.

A Last-Minute Move

Mr Junk is the expert when it comes to moving. We know how to sort the trash from the treasure, the “I will need it someday” items from junk that’s “just taking up space.” If you’re moving from Alpharetta, call Mr Junk to make your load a little lighter.

A Last-Minute Haul

What to do when you run out of time? Call Mr Junk! A local lady recently relocated on an abbreviated timetable. She found herself stuck gathering junk after the new owners of her home had moved in. We found quite a mess of furniture, rugs, trash bags, and packing peanuts on the curb, but we stayed until we picked up every stray piece. We even hunted down the peanuts that the wind had blown across the yard! A spotless yard for both the customer and the home’s new owners, and an easier move all around.

overflowing trash bag junk on the curb tidy curb, post junk removal

As a locally-owned and operated junk removal service, we believe every detail counts. We never leave a site until we’re done, whether that means sweeping, cleaning up debris, or chasing down stray packing peanuts. For the best junk removal service in Alpharetta, call Mr Junk!

Mr Junk to the Rescue!

At Mr Junk, we strive to combine fast, friendly service with quality junk removal and a guarantee that we leave no stray piece behind. Many of our junk removal jobs take less than an hour, but no matter how large the haul, we never leave before the job is done.

Cleaning Up After Renters

After 13 years, these tenants evacuated their home, leaving 156 months worth of junk for their landlord to remove. After hauling a whole fridge worth of food to the driveway (and attracting a whole bunch of flies), he decided to call Mr Junk. We stayed from start to finish, hauling off headboards and mattress pads, clothing and hanging racks, boxes, scratching posts, and every last bit of food from the driveway. When our team left the property, it looked like the tenants had never been there!

messy junk after tenants leavejunk pileup

after junk removal

No job is too messy for Mr Junk! We’ll haul away any mess, whether that means packing up boxes, hauling heavy bookcases to the truck, or cleaning spilled food off the driveway. When our team is done, your space will look like new!

Are you in need of a professional junk removal service? Call Mr Junk.