At-Home Recycling How-Tos

Every year, Americans produce about 230 million tons of trash. Only about a quarter of that gets recycled! Recycling at home can seem like a big job, so at Mr. Junk in Metro Atlanta, we’ve put together some tips to set up home recycling.

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First, know what is and isn’t recyclable in your home city or county. Depending on where in Metro Atlanta you live, that can change. Check your local listings for the City of Atlanta, Cherokee County, Gwinnett County, Dekalb County, or Cobb County. Some locations may have curb-side recycle; others may require a trip to the recycling center.  

Once you know what can be recycled, and where to recycle it, it’s time to set up your home recycling. Set aside a dedicated recycling container in your kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else you throw out a lot of things, like a craft room. Some municipalities give free or discounted recycling bins, or you can simply pick up a different trash can at the store. Make sure the recycling bin is distinct from the bin you use for trash so you don’t confuse it. While you’re still getting use to it, put a list of recyclables on the wall behind the bin.

Remember, Mr. Junk recycles over 75% of the material we remove! We also donate items, and do all we can to ensure we don’t throw away anything more than we have to. If you have big hauling jobs, or even little ones, contact us first–you only pay for what we haul!

Bathroom TLC

The messiest room in the house is probably also the one your family uses most regularly–the bathroom! From half-empty hair products to old medicine, bathrooms tend to collect a lot of clutter. Since it’s so small, all that clutter builds up quickly! Here are some tips to declutter your bathroom, and reorganize it to prevent further disasters. decluttering the bathroom

  • Get Rid of Junk! First things first: go through all the items in your bathroom and make sure you actually use them. Check makeup, nail polish, shampoo and conditioner bottles, medicines, linens, towels, shaving supplies, and even the scary places under the sink. Mr. Junk can pick up all your bathroom clutter and donate, recycle, or throw it away.
  • Everything in Its Place. Once you’ve pared down to only the things you need, make sure everything has a place. The less you store on the counter, the better. Assign each member of the family a drawer. If you don’t have enough drawer space for everyone to have their own, a gallon-size plastic baggie will help contain each person’s items.
  • Stop Problems Before They Start. Do you find lots of dirty clothes on the bathroom floor? Move a hamper inside and put it where the clothes land! A lot of packaging from bathroom items can be recycled–consider adding a  recycling bin next to your bathroom trash can. Put everyday items like soap and toothpaste in easy reach, and look for creative storage solutions like pencil cases for makeup or coffee mugs for toothbrushes.

When you’re finished decluttering your bathroom (or any space), call Mr. Junk in metro Atlanta for efficient, courteous, affordable junk removal!

Buried in Office Chairs?

With Labor Day sales right around the corner, and the holiday shopping season starting soon after that, now is a great time to start thinking about new furniture, even for your office or business. Getting new chairs, desks, etc. is always fun, but what do you do with the old office furniture?

First things first: make sure you know what you have. Before you can decide what you need, it’s best to get a clear picture of the needs of your office. Ask every employee how their furniture is holding up, and what they’d like to replace. Consider using an online form that will allow you to export information into a spreadsheet. This is also a great time to consider improvements to office ergonomics. Of course, you don’t have to meet every single request (does Accounts Receivable really need a sauna?), but it’s a good place to start. office furniture

After you’ve ordered your shiny new office furniture, contact Mr. Junk to remove the old stuff. We will give you a free quote and work with you to create a pickup schedule that works with yours, whether that’s during the workday or after hours. Our movers are professional and courteous, and will haul your junk with extra care for your office space. We will carefully sort through all your debris, donate or recycle whatever we can, and even sweep up after ourselves. Save yourself and your employees the headaches of moving furniture and let Mr. Junk handle it.

When you’re ready to start planning for new office furniture, don’t forget to think about the old stuff too. Contact Mr. Junk in metro Atlanta!

Outdoor Space TLC

One of the best parts of summer is hanging out with friends on the porch, in the backyard, or on the patio. But is your space up to scratch? If you ignored it for most of spring, it may still need a little TLC. Here are some tips for tidying up your outdoor space this summer.

    • Pick up Debris. Whether fallen branches, especially from summer storms, leaves left over from winter (or even fall), toys, or pet mess, pick up all the most obvious things before you go any farther. This is a great project for kids to help debris
    • Lawn and Garden Care. Now it’s time to prune, weed, rake, and mow everything. Trim the trees, cut the grass, get rid of the weeds, and rake like you’ve never raked before! 
    • Patio/Porch Care. Sweep and vacuum your patio or porch. If your porch is particularly in need of cleaning, or you’re feeling particularly energetic, consider mopping or even scrubbing it–or at least hosing it down.
    • Furniture Care. Tend to your outdoor furniture, either by wiping down plastic, throwing slipcovers in the washing machine, or vacuuming padded chairs. If you discover mildew problems, a little white vinegar in a spray bottle will help take care of it. Check out our other cleaning hacks.

Once you’ve done that, call Mr. Junk! Piles of lawn debris, broken toys, and furniture that can’t be salvaged have to go somewhere, so contact Mr. Junk for a free quote and to schedule a pickup!

With the right care, your outdoor space can be a wonderful addition to your home, especially in the summer and fall. Let Mr. Junk help with all your junk removal in the metro Atlanta area!

Why Mr. Junk?

With so many junk removal services in the metro Atlanta area, why should you pick Mr. Junk? Here are a couple of reasons we’re your best bet.

  • At Mr. Junk, you pay for only what we haul. Our charges are based on how much of our truck your junk fills, and not a penny more. We have no minimums and no additional fees for labor or disposal.
  • We sort through all your junk so you don’t have to. What can be donated to charity, we donate. What can be recycled, we recycle. Only after we’ve done all we can to reduce the amount that’s going to the trash do we throw anything out!
  • We clean up after ourselves! Not only do we take extra care in your home and work to make sure hauling your junk doesn’t cause any damage, we also sweep when we’re done. With all the junk we’re able to haul away, we leave your home cleaner than we found it. mr junk metro atlant
  • We’ve been doing this a long time. We started Mr. Junk in 2005, and have hauled untold amounts of unwanted stuff since then, helping Atlanta families get back to the business of living. You point, we’ll move it!
  • We can haul almost anything. Furniture? Yard debris? Tires? Batteries? Magazines? Renovation mess? We can do all that and more. No matter what’s cluttering up your life, we can get rid of it for you.

If you’re still not convinced, check out our reviews on Yelp and Facebook. At Mr. Junk we believe in earning your business, and we work tirelessly to do that!

Garage Disaster Cleanup

Your garage is a great place to store things–maybe even too good. It’s so easy to just throw junk in there, intending to deal with it eventually, and never get around to it. Out of sight usually means out of mind, after all. Here are some tips to organize your garage so you’ll have more space for summer DIY projects and winter storage, not to mention your car!

  • Be Ruthless. Do you really need all those bent nails? Consider carefully what you plan to keep versus what you’re going to get rid of. If you haven’t used something all year, do you really think you’ll need it next year? Remember that Mr. Junk can haul all your junk from anywhere in metro Atlanta, and we recycle or donate everything we can. garage clutter
  • Creative Storage Solutions. Get some old-school lockers and assign one to each member of the family for rain gear, out-of-season outerwear, sports equipment, etc. This will make it easier to find things when they’re needed, and keep them out from underfoot. Have an old dresser hanging around? Use it to store smaller pieces like nails and tools all in one place.
  • Label Everything. Don’t leave any opportunity for people (including yourself) to say they don’t know where things go!

Don’t forget, the key to organizing almost any room is to get rid of what you don’t need. Mr. Junk will carefully, efficiently, and affordably remove all your unwanted stuff, handle it in the most eco-conscious way possible, and even sweep up after ourselves. Get a free quote today!

Ten Things to Get Rid of Right Now

Ready for a declutter challenge? There are so many things we hang on to that we don’t need. Summer is a great time to take stock, so here are ten things to get rid of right now!

  1. Clothes. You hate that sweater, can’t fit into those jeans, and never wear that coat, so why are you keeping them around? Getting rid of clothes you don’t need will cut down on laundry as well as free up closet space.
  2. Extra Toys. Teaching kids to donate unused toys will help them learn good housekeeping habits and keep toy clutter to a minimum now.linens piled up on bed
  3. Excess Utensils. If you’re constantly at war with your silverware drawer, consider paring down. How many forks do you really need?
  4. Coffee Mugs. You can only use one mug at a time, after all. 
  5. Linens. It’s good to have extra sheets on hand in case of emergencies, but there’s still a limit to how many you should keep. Consider one set for each bed, and one extra (two extra if you have young kids).
  6. Unmatched Socks. Keep solo socks in a designated sock basket for one full wash cycle, but if you haven’t found a mate for them after that, throw them out.
  7. Old Paper. Magazines, receipts, mail, flyers–once you know you don’t need them, resist the urge to hang on to them.
  8. Unread Books. Looking over your bookshelf, think about the last time you wanted to read the books there. Unless you have a copy that’s special somehow (a first edition, autographed copy, or perhaps an inscribed copy that was a gift), get rid of any book you haven’t thought about in months, and then get a library card!  
  9. Unwatched Movies. Do the same with your movies as you did with your books.
  10. Old Electronics. This includes extension cords and old phones!

When you’re ready to get rid of the excess things cluttering up your home, call Mr. Junk in metro Atlanta. We sort through everything you have us pick up, and donate or recycle as much as we possibly can.

Recycling with Mr. Junk

At Mr. Junk we believe strongly in the importance of recycling as an important part of reducing waste. But that’s kind of vague; what exactly are the benefits of recycling, and why is it so important?

Most obviously, recycling reduces the use of natural resources, which means fewer new materials that must be mined, extracted, or created. That helps protect natural habitats. Recycling uses less energy than creating new materials, even when you include transportation costs. Recycling contributes much less to air and water pollution much less than mining, extracting, quarrying, and logging resources to make new items. Finally, recycling decreases the amount of trash that gets incinerated or sent to a landfill, saving both energy, greenhouse gas emissions, and landfill space.recycling logo around the world

We’re all trying to recycle more and declutter our homes, but how can you do both at once? Each of these tasks can feel overwhelming! The solution is simple: contact Mr. Junk in Marietta! We only charge for what we pick up, and our dedicated, professional staff will be careful and considerate in your home. We even clean up after ourselves. Once we haul your junk away, we diligently sort through everything you have us pick up, and either recycle or donate all we can. Plus, our commercial recycling contacts allow us to recycle items you may not have access to, or even think possible!

Visit our website to get a free quote today, or contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Let us prove to you that Mr. Junk is the best junk removal service in Marietta!

Finding Treasures at the Flea Market

A trip to the flea market can bring new treasures if you know how to look for them. Here are some tips to find hidden gems at the flea market.

  • Do your research. Read up on antique magazine and trade publications, which have a wealth of information for flea market hopefuls. If there’s a specific type of object you’re interested in collecting, look for books about it. And don’t forget an important resource–antique dealers! Not only are their shops fun to explore, but good dealers can help you learn about where they procured items and what to look for. They can also turn you on to the best flea markets in the area.
  • Come early. The best time to search flea markets is during the early morning, soon after opening. Not only will outdoor flea markets be cooler, but the serious buyers will be there doing business already. In fact, a lot of transactions may have already happened in the parking lot. treasures at a flea market
  • Be thorough. Walk the aisles back and forth, looking at objects from different angles, and try not to be too specific about what you’re looking for. Being too focused on specifics can blind you to real treasures. Bring a flashlight and glass to look closer at items, and your smartphone to do research in the moment.
  • Be patient. Searching for treasures at a flea market is not usually quick and easy. Prepare to spend a good amount of time looking. Get lots of sleep the night before, wear comfy shoes, bring a snack, and make your trip an adventure!

Before you go to the flea market, don’t forget to clear space for your new treasures by having Mr. Junk remove your old stuff! We service the whole metro Atlanta area with efficient, customer-focused junk removal.

Make Your Move

May was National Moving Month! If you’ve moved recently, or if you’re considering a move to a new house in the future, you know how stressful it can be. Here are some tips to help your move go more smoothly.

  • The Essentials Box. This doesn’t have to be a box, but be sure you pack all your essential items together in an easily accessible place–moving contracts and paperwork, a box cutter, a change of clothes, jackets, toiletries like toothbrushes and contact solution, chargers for your most-used electronics, a roll of toilet paper, pillows and sheets, any important medication, etc. This box should be the last thing you pack and load on the truck or into the car, and the first thing you unpack. moving boxes with a hand truck
  • Be Ruthless. Packing to move is a great time to declutter! Having to handle each item in the house forces you to decide if you are really going to use it again. If you can’t honestly say yes, get rid of it! Don’t worry about how–Mr. Junk can safely and affordably remove all your unnecessary stuff from anywhere in the metro Atlanta area.
  • Unload the Beds First. The first thing you should do when you get to your new home is to set up your beds. This can be as simple as setting the mattress and box springs on the floor of the bedroom and putting the sheets on (remember how you packed them in your essentials box?). Think of how tired you’ll be when you finally finish unloading! When you’re done for the night, you can collapse into bed without having yet another thing to do.

Moving is never fun, but with these tips you can make your next move easier. When you’re ready to get rid of old junk, including furniture, contact Mr. Junk in Woodstock for a free quote!